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Keep the Dream Alive …

on August 28, 2013


Today is a day to dream, to remember that any one person can move another. Change each other. Inspire each other.

When I was in college I had a class on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. As we were learning about Lincoln, I paused in the place Martin Luther King once stood, and I knew the world would never be the same for me. It’s not okay with me to suppress others and hurt others. People could call me a “bleeding heart liberal,” but I like to call myself a human.

The dream still exists, 50 years later and we still have to work for the society MLK envisioned.

What do you think MLK would think about today’s society?  Has racism disappeared?  Recently I was exposed to two videos that really changed my perspective.

How often do actually stand up for someone? How often do you let a law exist because it doesn’t apply to you?

Watch this clip comedy central produced making a mockery of the “Stop and Frisk” law in NYC.

To watch the video and potentially sign a petition- click below:

Stop and Frisk

There is a petition you can sign when watching the video. But sometime you might not want to take the time to sign a petition. No one would ever know if you did or didn’t sign. However, people do notice when you don’t  use your privilege to stand up for someone else.

One Easy thing All People Can do  —

My philosophy with this blog was to take time to realize that I am a pebble in a pond, making ripples in life. Each ripple causes an effect. My attitude, my perseverance, my heart is constantly effecting the things around me. But I’m not the only pebble out there. Think about the ripples you are making in your life, and how your signature, your voice can make a world of a difference to a stranger who can’t always stand up for themselves.

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